Laundry Facts

Tips for using a Laundromat

July 15, 2021


At many laundromats there is an attendant to help you answer any questions that you might have. But it is always best to approach the laundromat with some things in mind:

  • Select a good laundromat. It's important to select a laundromat that has various sized machines, and an attendant on hand if there is a problem, plus one that is clean and safe.
  • Read the machine instructions. Washers and dryers have specific instructions and it is best to read them before you start. Some are quite complicated and offer various cycles, times, and different types of wash cycles.
  • Empty your pockets. Always check all of your pockets. Somethings might survive the washing machine but many things may not!
  • Don't leave anything behind. Double check the washer and dryer after you remove your clothes. You don't want to accidently leave anything behind.
  • Smell the washer. If the washer smells strongly of bleach or detergent and you are washing colored clothes, that bleach might carry over and ruin some of your clothing.

If you use The Washing Company laundromat we always have someone to help you out but it doesn't hurt to come prepared!

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